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Ampere 'Cloud Native Processors' Can Help Achieve Sustainability Goals

Ampere designs purpose-built, multi-core processors optimized for multi-tenant cloud workloads.

Enterprise-class processors - the wrong tool for the cloud. Ampere's processors are immune to the "Noisy neighbor" issues that plague enterprise-class processors with SMT. Ampere's processor cores are single-threaded, resulting in no resource contention and more predictable performance.

Ampere starts with single-threaded cores - one thread, one process - different from the enterprise-class processors with multiple threads competing for processor resources. Ampere uses a constant operating frequency delivering predictability as opposed to x86 processors that employ frequency scaling. Microsoft now offers Azure Virtual Machines with Ampere Altra Arm-based processors that can run Linux workloads such as web servers, open-source databases, in-memory applications, big data analytics, gaming, and media.

A cloud-native processor with single-threaded cores, consistent operating frequencies, and the most power-efficient cores in the industry, topped by a large L2 cache close to the processor resulting in a cloud-native processor built for the sustainable cloud.

Instead of building out data centers with compute using enterprise-class processors switching to Ampere's cloud-native processors could reduce power consumption by 20 percent and still meet the compute needs.

Google Cloud has launched virtual machines using Ampere Altra Arm-based processors.

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