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An ESG platform for real estate, raises $93M

Measurabl, a startup developing a platform for environmental, social and governance data in the real estate space, today announced that it raised $93 million in a Series D funding tranche co-led by Energy Impact Partners and Sway Ventures.

Measurabl, founded in 2013 by Ellis, the former director of sustainability solutions at CBRE, the commercial real estate services and investment firm, is riding the wave of startups in the ESG sector attracting serious venture backing.

Measurabl offers tools for managing, benchmarking, reporting and tracking the sustainability of a real estate business, from building-level operations to boardroom and capital markets activities. Measurabl's successful financing would suggest that there's still an appetite for ESG, though.

The company's momentum most likely had something to do with it; Measurabl has over 1,000 customers and claims to be used by 40% of global real estate asset managers. Another factor in Measurabl's favor is the increasing pressure on the real estate market to change - often in the form of municipal-level carbon emissions laws.

"Measurabl is the world's most widely adopted ESG data management platform for real estate," Ellis said.

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