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Artist's Portrait Made Of Waste Wires, Fabrics Is Show Stealer At Istanbul Airport

Turkish artist Deniz Sagdic is breaking the mould with her unique and thought-provoking approach to art.

Rather than relying on conventional materials such as metal or oil on canvas, Sagdic creates stunning works of art using waste products and everyday items that might otherwise end up in a trash pile.

Twenty of the artist's art pieces- portraits of people of different ethnicities- adorned the walls of the airport.

A closer look then showed that the pop of colour in these large artworks was courtesy of materials like bottle caps, wires, fabric from discarded uniforms of Istanbul Airport employees, and even discarded pills.

She envisioned the Istanbul Airport, a place where people's journey to somewhere is beginning, as the starting point of sustainable art and sustainable living. The artist also elaborated on the process of making the best out of the waste materials.

She told STIRWorld magazine, "When I am planning to use a particular 'waste material' in my artworks, I hold this material in my hand and watch it for days. Then I experiment with that material, cut it, bend it, or try to glue it or reform it in disruptive waysThen our cooperation with that material begins, I give life to it but this time in the form of an artwork."

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