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Embrace Sustainability: 5 Brands Making a Positive Impact on World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, let's pledge towards a brighter and greener world with the following five eco-conscious brands, which would help you to contribute to a sustainable planet.

a) Simpl, a Merchant first Checkout Network enables you to discover many such brands and access their products with one-tap.

b) Spicta Spicta is a trailblazer in oral care, revolutionising the industry through its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Toothbrushes and oral hygiene products are crafted from bamboo and other eco-friendly materials, which helps to reduce plastic waste. Spicta's innovative plastic-neutral approach, with The Disposal Company, ensures that for every product sold, an equivalent amount of plastic waste is effectively removed from the environment.

c) NurseryLive is an online green movement. Organic seeds, plants, and gardening tools, they have it all.

By promoting organic gardening practices and minimizing the use of harmful chemicals, the brand helps you cultivate a healthier and more sustainable environment inside your home.

d) Organic India Organic India is dedicated to cultivating true wellness through its extensive collection of organic herbal supplements, teas, and personal care products. Unwavering commitment to organic farming practices, ensures the purity and efficacy of their products while also protecting the environment and supporting local communities. Embrace Organic India's holistic approach to well-being and sustainability, and enjoy their range of products that promote a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet.

e) NewBoo NewBoo diapers, are crafted from sustainable materials and are free from harmful chemicals.

They are biodegradable, reducing environmental impact of baby products. As we celebrate World Environment Day, let us remember the power of our choices in creating a greener future.

Together, let's embrace eco-friendly practices, inspire others to join us, and create a healthier environment for ourselves and future generations.

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