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How climate change is affecting our holiday destinations

Why is climate change a threat to our favorite holiday destinations? Climate change and global warming are having profound impacts on our world. How is global warming affecting your favorite holiday destinations? And what regions are most at risk? woman with her arms out, sitting on a boat in a beautiful tropical lagoon with lots of palm trees Island holiday destinations It's the depths of winter.

Cracked dry earth Mountain holiday destinations Maybe you don't really like the sun or the heat - you prefer a cold environment for your holiday destination. Nature holiday destinations Those of us who love venturing off into natural landscapes such as forests and jungles to experience nature are also not free and clear from the impacts of climate change.

Monkeys playing in the rainforest tree canopy What famous holiday destinations are most at risk? Maldives The Maldives are a dream holiday destination for many people. Venice lagoon with historic buildings and boat Australia Australia is a dream holiday destination for many - with beautiful beaches, great weather and incredible nature that can't be found anywhere else on the planet, Australia is definitely a bucket list destination.

Forest fires in Australia are 30% more likely thanks to the effects of climate change and global warming! Brazil Brazil is a popular holiday destination thanks to the variety of different landscapes and climates to explore.

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