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Impact Of Architecture On Climate-Change And Global Warming

One of the main factors contributing to climate change and global warming is architecture. The rising global temperature of the planet is referred to as global warming. China, the United States, and India are the top three contributors to global warming. As unexpected as it may sound, our architects also control the course of global warming.

Climate change, the quality of air, the environment, and the overall quality of human existence are all seriously threatened by the significant problem of global warming. What steps may architects take to avoid problems and change with the times? I firmly feel it is an architect's responsibility to lead and become the change we so urgently need, even if it is incredibly challenging to undo all the harm resulting from global warming and win the support of all sectors and fields.

The "Climate Emergency" sustains a redoubled effort to combat climate change on a global scale. There is a serious duty for reducing the impact of the climate change and global warming on the part of everyone involved in the planning of structures and cities, including architects, urbanists, and everyday people, to consider the effects of climate change and make plans accordingly.

The architectural industry is intricately linked to the material flows, and energy, including ideas that pertain to global warming, both causes and remedies, with 36% of world energy going toward construction with 8% of global emissions coming from cement alone.

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