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Is The ESG Umbrella At The Adani Group Large Enough To Keep It Dry?

On January 24, famed short-seller Hindenburg Research published the now infamous report on alleged massive fraud at the Adani Group.

On January 29, the Adani Group issued a 413-page document in response. The Adani Group is committed to ESG. Adani Portfolio companies are fully committed to ESG aspects and have a robust ESG framework and glide path in place, which is focused on assurance framework.

At the heart of the Adani governance commitment is a one tier Board system with Board of Directors possessing a disciplined orientation and distinctive priorities. In order to put in place and continually raise the governance standards of Adani portfolio entities and to equip all directors and management with global perspective and ingrain industry best practices, we regularly invite leading sector experts to share their valuable inputs with directors and the management.

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