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Look Out for These Four Health Concerns That Are Being Exacerbated by Climate Change

As we come off the battered wings of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves sitting on the precipice of the brewing climate conundrum - another worldwide phenomenon threatening to pincer human health.

Below, we elaborate on the four dire ways in which climate change could threaten human life around the world, along with the impact they could have on India.

Mucho mosquito India is no stranger to the mosquito menace, since our natural climate is highly suitable for the insect. While we have made vast strides in controlling the pest, the warming planet is once again creating conducive conditions for their spread. According to a 2014 study, mosquitos have begun migrating to higher altitudes and latitudes, aided by changing climates.

Lyme disease remains a public health concern in India, with prominent outbreaks detected in Haryana and Assam. Pollen season While Indians regularly make fun of Americans for suffering from pollen allergies, one to four in ten people actually suffer from the allergen in our country as well, making it one of the most common outdoor allergies in India.

Once the archaic germs and superbugs proliferate, international movement could eventually bring them to countries such as India, putting large sects of populations at severe risk.

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