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Maldives Is Turning To Digital Innovations To Tackle Climate Change

Moving from one-off to continuous and locally led data collection efforts was seen by this group as a key objective, and one that digital technologies and tools can support. Workshop participants identified bottlenecks and priority actions to unlock the power of digital data, such as the adoption of clear policies and guidelines to facilitate cross-institutional data sharing, mapping out what data already exists within and across agencies, and strengthening human and institutional capacity for data collection and analysis.

The World Bank-financed Digital Maldives project, part of an innovating engagement with the Government of Maldives, is supporting the country in both expanding its current climate-relevant data collection. Putting such ideas into practice leads to results that can be replicated in other small island states, and even globally, in harnessing digital data and technologies for climate resilience.

Working together with a coalition of local and international partners, and through sustained commitment to climate action across government it could lead the way in using the power of digital data to tackle climate risks and to help protect its people and natural assets.

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