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The Hidden Casteism of Climate Change Reporting

Whose concerns are addressed or aired depends on who is speaking Climate Change Conundrum Climate change has, today, become one of the most dangerous challenges to life. Conflicts Affecting Lives Innumerable conflicts in the region itself, such as the inter-state dispute over the Cauvery or the international dispute over the Indus on common pool resources such as water have been aggravated, if not entirely caused, by climate change; of this, there is no doubt.

The federal government in India has afforded climate change the attention it deserves and set, for the country, ambitious climate goals while expanding on renewable energy and promising to ramp up solar and wind power. Combating Climate Change To better combat climate change in India and to develop strategies that can be scaled across the region, it would require collaboration of a kind that the present disposition of the mainstream media may not be open to cultivate.

The Laya Tribe Development Organisation, for example, works with Adivasi communities on challenges such as human rights, women's empowerment and, importantly, alternative energy and climate change. The future of successful climate change adaptation in India hinges on the ability of the national media to integrate voices that have been sidelined for far too long.

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