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The Invisible Women in Climate Change: Time to Listen

Climate change affects human rights, and the negative consequences of climate change can be seen as violating fundamental rights of women in particular. The result is often a gender-blind climate change policy that does not consider differences in gender roles and norms, such as the fact that women and men have distinct needs, constraints and priorities.

In particular, climate change intensifies gender inequality and discrimination and adversely affects women's rights. Eco- feminists should promote a better understanding of how climate change impacts the human rights of women, namely of how climate change entails the violation of some women's rights or prevents women from fully enjoying them - I should specify that, by women, I mean anyone who identifies as a woman and/or who is perceived or treated as a woman.

Rather, I am saying that climate change policies that do not recognise or do not take into account women's contributions from the very beginning amplify inequalities and have a negative impact on gender equality and women's rights.

"The influence of gender relations on women's involvement and experience in climate change adaptation programs in Bangladesh,"

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