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Wanted: Dead Birds And Bats, Felled By Renewables

She is now a senior research biologist at Western Ecosystems Technology, a consulting company that, along with providing other services, surveys for dead wildlife at renewable energy sites. Part of her new role involves liaising with clean energy companies and the government agencies that regulate them, making sure decisionmakers have the most current science to inform projects.

John Anderson, executive director of the Energy and Wildlife Action Coalition, a clean energy membership group, sees merit in the effort but worries that the program could be "Used to characterize renewable energy impacts in a very unfavorable light" without recognizing its benefits.

The wind industry has long been sensitive to suggestions that it's killing birds. Several renewable energy companies that Undark contacted for this story did not respond to inquiries about wildlife monitoring at their sites or stopped responding to interview requests.

Many companies appear to be participating-in Idaho, Katzner has received birds from 42 states. "It's a shame if those parts of birds are not being used," he said.

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