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As G20 presidency passes to India, it can bring renewed focus to sustainability deadlines

India's G20 presidency, which starts from December, provides a historic opportunity to promote inclusive development across countries and people. India can showcase some of the country's achievements at G20 meetings in the next one year and also learn from the best practices in other countries. On current trends, India is likely to achieve SDGs by 2059. India can share its experiences in moving from a food deficit country to a food surplus country. India has a long way to go in achieving its SDG goal of removing malnutrition as 35 per cent of the country's children still suffer from stunting. Energy security and climate change are equally important issues for India's G20 presidency. The stand of India and other developing countries on energy security has to be continued. India's dependence on coal for energy generation may continue for many more years and the CoP27 draft of "phasing down" rather than "phasing out" for coal would be useful for India. On climate change and reduction in carbon emissions, India has committed to reduce net zero emissions by 2070 and 50 per cent of energy requirements through renewables by 2030. India should focus more on rescuing and accelerating progress on SDGs during its G20 Presidency for inclusive development, which also improve growth and sustainability

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