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Blockchain and the importance of sustainability in new age technology

Those two functions are Monitoring and certification of a company's Environmental, Social, and Governance score, or the ESG score, and finding a solution for the bankless and providing them with identification.

ESG Scoring: So far, the Environmental, Social, and Governance information about a company is primarily a self-reported, individually assessed piece of data.

Investors must therefore reconcile corporate sustainability disclosures as best they can before trying to draw comparisons among companies.

The problem with the current ESG reporting is the fact that there is a significant disconnect between using different standards by various companies to report their ESG performance, which is largely self-reported, voluntary, and often unreliable, and the financial reporting that investors rely on to make investment decisions.

According to Kenneth Pucker, the former COO at Timberland, a company committed to sustainability, "The disconnect between accelerating ESG activity and confidence in the results should serve as a wake-up call for companies and investors alike." What we need are the ESG scores that are designed to transparently and objectively measure a company's relative ESG performance based on publicly-reported data in compliance with the underlying ESG data framework and are a transparent, data-driven assessment of companies' relative ESG performance and capacity, integrating and accounting for industry materiality and company size biases.

The ESG performance should be based on verifiable reported data in the public domain, including the most comparable company assessments and scoring processes.

Included in practice must be the data that is refreshed on products more regularly, like every week, including the recalculation of the ESG Scores, unlike that of the overwhelming practices by corporations where ESG data is updated once a year in line with companies' own ESG disclosure.

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