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By Prioritizing ESG Today, SMEs Can Look Forward To A Successful Future

More than half are super-promoters, recommending the product to more than ten people. SMEs that prioritize ESG today are putting themselves in a better position to penetrate new markets, expand in existing ones, and ensure their long-term success.

Companies with a robust ESG record tend to have a stronger corporate brand value, which attracts both employees and investors. The approach is also helping SMEs around the world build more sustainable supply chains today through a range of solutions in areas such as more environmentally-friendly packaging solutions, and more efficient last-mile logistics.

While much of the discussion around ESG focuses on the environment, social and governance components should not be overlooked. Ultimately, ESG will only become more important in the success of any business, including SMEs. Today's business landscape is increasingly competitive and complex, and consumers' expectations around ESG are getting higher. The reverse is also true: SMEs that prioritize ESG now can look forward to a more successful future.

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