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Climate Change Performance Index, 2023: Indicators, Major Outcomes And India's Achievement

The Climate Change Performance Index, released yearly since 2005, is an impartial assessment tool for analyzing how well 60 nations and the European Union are doing in addressing climate change. The promises made by the nations under the Paris Accord are still insufficient; thus, a more aggressive climate policy is urgently required to keep rising temperatures to a limit of 1.5°C. Using the CCPI, nations may assess their effectiveness and areas for improvement while competing and comparing various metrics. More than 92% of the globe's greenhouse gas pollutants are accounted for by 59 nations and the European Union, according to the CCPI 2023 assessment, which examines their climate performance. No nation in the CCPI 2023 was said to have worked well enough to receive a "Very high" rating. With Hungary, Brazil, Turkey, and Russia all scoring very severely in this area, Russia has been identified as the nation with the worst climate strategy. India received good marks for its GHG energy consumption and emissions use but received a middling ranking for its climate change strategy and alternative resources. India received good marks for its efforts in the categories of Carbon footprint, energy consumption, and climate policy but only middling marks for renewable energy.

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