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Climate tech in India is ripe for global venture capital inflows

One of the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitters is trying to clean up. Global venture capitalists looking to put their money to work should keep an eye on it. The Indian capital region of Delhi is abuzz with activity. Rusty metal signs that tout "Electric Charging" stand out, along with stations that power electric two-and-three wheelers.

Startups building technology to drive sustainability are in a hustle for funding. Corporate activity is chugging along, while capital expenditure has risen sharply in recent months and rail freight volumes reached record highs. India's big companies, like Wipro, UltraTech and Reliance, are increasingly talking to shareholders about green-tech and sustainability. Private capital is looking to back climate action-related technology. Of the almost $27 billion of such investment globally in the first half of 2022, close to $2 billion went to India's firms.

Source : Mint

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