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CNG Vehicles: The Answer To A Quicker Transition Towards Green Mobility

The rising absorption of CNG is expected to follow due to the proliferation of CNG pipeline network planned by the government of India. CNG is safer in an event of a collision as compared to vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel, owing to its nature, storage conditions, and location in the car. In FY2022 alone, CNG sales in the PV segment recorded nearly 55 percent Y-o-Y growth, accounting for approximately 8.6 percent of total PV sales compared to an approximate CNG PV share of 6.3 percent in FY2021. Further diversification in offerings in the CNG segment, coupled with necessary innovation geared to solve customer apprehensions, will be decisive in paving a smooth road ahead. On part of authorities, a strong push towards extending infrastructure for CNG accessibility will help in rapid adaptability. From a company growth perspective, CNG is a bullish market for OEMs and introducing CNG powertrains in some segments has provided a much-needed boost. Even if a situation comes up where CNG is not immediately available, the bi-fuel nature of CNG vehicles provides a buffer to customers, who can temporarily switch to liquid fuel to run their cars. Some local governments have even encouraged CNG as a cleaner fuel by allowing cars with CNG to ply on all days while restricting cars powered by petrol or diesel to ply on alternate days.

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