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Energy Efficiency Is The 'First Fuel' To Fight Climate Change

As the COP27 approaches, the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy along with its members has issued a call to action aimed at government, industry players and non-profit organisations to adopt and promote technologies that will result in energy efficiency by 2030.

A policy advocacy and energy efficiency market enabler organisation, AEEE seeks to raise awareness about energy efficiency as a 'first fuel' to fight climate change and promote scalable eco-solutions and optimum usage of energy to help achieve energy targets.

Satish Kumar, President & Executive Director, AEEE, says, COP27 is much awaited and we are collaborating with industry partners to realise a "Sustainable future to fulfil the country's goals of delivering 100 GW of energy savings and becoming carbon neutral by 2070".

The CFA resonates with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Panchamrit Declaration on achieving non-fossil energy capacity of 500 GW; providing 50 per cent of energy requirements from renewables; reducing the total projected carbon emissions by one billion tonnes; reducing the carbon intensity of economy by less than 45 percent - all by 2030; and achieving the target of Net Zero by 2070.

AEEE is focused on raising awareness about energy efficiency through dialogue and research.

AEEE's key focus areas are sustainable cold chain, sustainable building designs, state and local action, power utility and e-mobility and energy data services and sustainable aviation.

Saying that energy efficiency benefits the environment, the International Energy Agency in its report 'Emissions Savings' notes that "Promoting higher degrees of energy efficiency and material efficiency are related as both promote a higher degree of efficiency along the value chain of production".

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