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Green Transition Partnership: India-Sweden Further Climate & Sustainability Pledge

The Embassy of Sweden, the Consulate General of Sweden, and Business Sweden - Team Sweden has played a crucial role over the years in building a sustainable and carbon neutral future with India. Green goals, sustainable business practices and climate-friendly initiatives got a further impetus as India's long-term trade partner Sweden launched the India-Sweden Green Transition Partnership as part of the Indian Sweden Sustainability and Green Transition Day event on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 in Mumbai. Over the years, Business Sweden along with the Embassy of Sweden, the Consulate General of Sweden and Swedish Energy Agency have established the Sustainability by Sweden ecosystem in India. The ecosystem functions as the overarching umbrella denoting Sweden's commitment to drive green transition across sectors, which has created a hotbed of opportunities that are transforming entire industries, value chains, and production methods. Cecilia Oskarsson, Trade Commissioner of Sweden to India set the theme for the event, followed by a welcome address by Anna Lekvall, Consul General of Sweden in Mumbai. Speaking at the launch, Jan Thesleff, Ambassador of Sweden to India said, this platform is an excellent example of how leading Swedish companies in India are joining hands with their Indian counterparts across hard to abate sectors in order to collectively build a strong, green, and clean future. Romina Pourmokhtari, Swedish Minister of Climate and Environment, virtually highlighted Sweden's role as a sustainability and green transition catalyst. Sustainability, Green transition, and Innovation serve as key focus areas of the ongoing trade and economic relations between India and Sweden. "I am delighted to learn about Sweden's commitment to partner with India in its green transition journey. Swedish companies have been at the forefront of Industrial growth and investments in Maharashtra. This new engine of green partnership is an additional pledge to our shared responsibility and work to create a climate-neutral future for both nations. I also congratulate the partner agencies of India Sweden Innovations Accelerator Program for their decade long journey of fostering green collaborations among Indian and Swedish companies." he said. Another highlight of the partnership is the coming together of industry leaders and experts from India and Sweden for three technical workshops, two of which focussing on cement and iron & steel be hosted in Mumbai on 24th November 2022.

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