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How Bosch & CHEP Are Saving Five Olympic Pools of Water Every Year

Not just water, Bosch India's mobility plant in Bidadi saves resources that would otherwise have generated 300 truckloads of waste causing 58 truck-trips around the planet. At a time when organizations are looking at industry 4.0 as their sustainability objectives, Bosch India has redefined the otherwise contemporary definition through its partnership with CHEP. At its plant in Bidadi, Bosch India's latest drive has resulted in saving water to the tune of over five Olympic Swimming pools. Bosch India through CHEP's Packaging Solutions has saved 2,435 tons of carbon dioxide emission and 2,701 tons of waste. Bosch India that recently received an Environmental Certificate for Excellence in Sustainability from CHEP also leverages from mobility, industry 4.0 solutions and carbon-neutrality technologies. Founded in 1951, Bosch India employs over 31,000 employees who work from its 16 manufacturing sites and seven application and development centers. The latest sustainability practice at Bosch India is powered by CHEP, a global pallet and container pooling service provider. The collaboration between CHEP and Bosch has broken the link between consumption and harm to the environment with society putting less strain on natural resources.

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