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How India is shifting from Fast Fashion to Natural Fibers and Slow Fashion

In the land of natural fibers, fashion is slowly evolving to become more inclusive and sustainable across India. Considered the backbone of India's textile industry, despite competition from synthetic versions, the demand for natural fibers is increasing steadily. Natural fiber composites have varied uses in the textile, packaging, furnishing, building, and construction industries.

The Shift Towards Natural Products From the Indian fashion standpoint, a close relationship exists between natural fibers and responsible, sustainable textile production. Considering the burgeoning demand, manufacturers, producers, and designers are encouraged to focus on clothing made out of natural fibers. Beyond clothing fabrics, natural fibers are found in products ranging from personal care to home furnishings as well Key factors such as geography, land, soil, climatic conditions, and market trends have all contributed to the steady growth of India's natural fiber industry.

Fast vs Slow Fashion A couple of decades ago natural fibers played second fiddle to synthetic yarns. Despite India's rich natural heritage, the fast fashion industry had gained ground, giving rise to the widespread use of synthetic cotton, silk, and other artificial yarns.

Given the above circumstances, manufacturers of natural fiber products have been providing consumers with eco-friendly alternatives that are biodegradable and use less water and fertilizers during production. Sustainable Practices Incomes of all the stakeholders across the ecosystem can be augmented and a substantial social impact can be created at the grassroots level by ensuring all waste is used or recycled during the life cycle of natural fibers.

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