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How To Build A Sustainability Message House

Addressing the World Economic Forum in 2014, Indra Nooyi, CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo said, "There is an ethically responsible way to run companies and make money [] Change the dialogue, and that will build the trust." Her words are even more true today.

Increasing public scrutiny requires that companies to live up to their ESG claims. According to a PwC study from 2021, "Investors expressed commitment to ESG goals in their investing and as a priority for their portfolio companies."

One way to ensure your company's ESG efforts don't go unnoticed is to build a robust Message House that aligns sustainability achievements, goals, and talking points for everyone across your company. Every message flows from your SOCO, or "Single overriding communications objective." If your company has crafted a corporate purpose, that may be where to find the top of your pyramid.

Each pillar of the pyramid supports the overarching message at the top. Looking again at "L'Oréal for the Future", their strategy has three pillars: "Transforming ourselves," "Empowering our business ecosystem" and "Contributing to solving the challenges of the world." Each pillar shows how the company intends to act and is supported by proof points. Your Sustainability Message House is the definitive toolbox for ESG communication inside and outside your company.

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