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HR Leaders Light The Way For People Sustainability

Innovators, like EY, are lighting the way for how to create a workplace culture of people sustainability, where people are treated fairly and ethically across the organization, supply chains, and communities.

"People sustainability for us is really at the core of building a better working world," said Penny Stoker, global talent lead at EY, who shared her perspective in an interview at SuccessConnect 2022. People sustainability at EY is anchored in its purpose, values, and transformative leadership, she explained.

"It's about taking a long-term view for how our people grow and develop with us as an organization, as well as our clients. The experiences and the things that they do together are very much tied into our sustainability goals."

As organizations think more deeply about environmental, social, and governance goals, they begin to realize that their people strategy is intertwined with other organizational sustainability goals. People sustainability has emerged as a business imperative that is fundamental for other organizational sustainability goals. 86% of organizations worldwide believe that investing in people sustainability can drive positive environmental and economic sustainability, according to a new study by SAP SuccessFactors and IDC. Forward-thinking HR leaders, like Stoker, are fostering sustainability in their organizations by taking a unified approach on a range of people-centered initiatives, including DEI, health and safety, and continuous learning.

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