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Investment avenues that will be game changers by 2025

Amid a climate weighed down with uncertainties and financial challenges, the last few years have demonstrated intelligence and resilience by Indian investors who have tightly held on to their existing investment portfolio and not taken panic-stricken decisions.

Globally, governments as well as environmentally and socially conscious young investors have taken strong preference for ESG as an investment avenue as it promises sustainable growth by mitigating non-financial risks for businesses.

Given the current environmental crisis, government, regulators as well as institutional investors will undoubtedly welcome investments in ESG-focused funds to ensure long-term sustainable businesses, soon.

International EquityInvesting in global stocks is a fast-emerging investment option for domestic retail investors to diversify their portfolios.

Exposure to international companies will be a must-have asset in the investor portfolio for increasing net worth in the long-term as more countries besides the US join the bandwagon to become hot investment destinations in the coming years.

While the above avenues are attractive investment options they are not without substantial risks. Investors are therefore advised to make a detailed analysis of the information available on the assets before taking an investment call.

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