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Nokia takes ESG strategy to next level of impact

Nokia announces a new enhanced ESG strategy designed to maximize Nokia's impact where its technology, solutions and capabilities combine to address some of the biggest global challenges and create value.

The strategy is aligned with the topics that are material to Nokia and its stakeholders and embedded into its business and technology strategies.

Espoo, Finland - Nokia has today announced an enhanced Environmental, Social and Governance strategy, integrated into its business and technology strategies and focused on the areas where it can make the greatest impact.

Building on years of robust sustainability programs and practices, Nokia has spent the past 12 months developing an enhanced company-wide ESG strategy to ensure that sustainability is a fundamental part of how Nokia develops technology and makes business decisions.

The ESG strategy builds on five strategic focus areas where Nokia looks to differentiate and create tangible environmental and social benefits: Environment - focusing on both climate and circularity; Industrial Digitalization; Security & Privacy; Bridging the Digital Divide; and Responsible Business.

Nicole Robertson, VP, ESG at Nokia, said: "The line between purpose and profit is dissolving and companies are looking to identify the best ESG strategies to deliver measurable impact to societal challenges and drive value creation."

Nokia's enhanced ESG strategy has been developed across the company leveraging its portfolio strengths, as well as Bell Labs' research to accelerate Nokia's positive impact, create new value opportunities for its customers, and deliver sustainable value creation for shareholders.

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