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NPC Conference To Deliberate On ESG For Industry Transformation

A keen interest by investors in companies with sharp focus on sustainability, climate action and GHG emission reduction is accelerating the ESG discourse.

Such developments give an opportunity to companies to switch to sustainable and resilient business practices and to report in accordance with reporting frameworks like BRSR. With ESG compliance reporting getting attention like never before, a 'National Conference on ESG for Industry Transformation: Environmental - Social - Governance for Aatmanirbhar Bharat' is being held on November 29 at the Jio World Convention Centre, BKC, Mumbai.

The conference is being organised by the National Productivity Council, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change jointly with Indian Potash Ltd as the industry partner.

Jiwesh Nandan, Senior Advisor, NPC, "We are trying to bring all possible stakeholders under one roof for a day to discuss various aspects of ESG, including financing." He adds, "All over the world, we are seeing how ESG is evolving. So it is very important for corporates to deliberate upon it. NPC looks at it as a big opportunity. A part of that seminar will also be about NPC and how we are very equipped to help the corporates file their mandatory returns that they need to file from next year." NPC is planning to hold two more similar events.

The participants including professionals, implementers, practitioners and senior-middle management of organisations/companies/industries engaged in ESG and sustainability functions will participate in discussions aiming to increase awareness of various aspects of sustainability.

The experts will analyse problems and challenges faced by various industries and spotlight various ways in which Indian businesses and industries can move forward with their industrial transformation and emerge as global sustainability leaders.

The conference will keenly look at integrating ESG agenda into business strategy.

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