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Post COP27: Mapping the Future of Sustainable Fashion

One of the key areas at COP27 for fashion-centric sectors was the sustainable value chain. Climate investing and mitigation, adaptation and resilience as integral parts of governance and decision-making, combined with a robust supply chain and operational innovation can lay the groundwork for net zero commitments. Our approach [at ABFRL] to the supply chain is to intervene in 'sustainable operations' by establishing the baseline for product intensity, and sustainability index and streamlining the Scope Three categories. We also address waste management, one of the major bottlenecks discussed in detail at COP27, by creating a closed-loop system in which waste generated is recycled or reused and converted to useful resources. Finally, India's ambitious 45 per cent emission reduction target by 2030 and a long-term goal of net zero by 2070 make it critical to decouple the economic growth from GHG emissions. The fashion sector can contribute towards strategic areas such as net-zero transition, building circular ecosystems and leveraging on digital disruption in their governance and operation.

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