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SAP Labs India bets big on sustainability solutions, launches startup accelerator cohort for 2023

Software major SAP Labs India is betting big on sustainability solutions and has invested in dedicated research and development teams to build two new software products Product Footprint Management and SAP Sustainability Control Tower for enterprises. "Sustainability presents a unique economic opportunity, this is a key business driver today and in terms of our investment priority, sustainability is on top right now. We are investing a major chunk in sustainability," said Sindhu Gangadharan, senior vice president and managing director of SAP Labs India. SAP Sustainability Control Tower is a software-as-a-service experience that allows customers to embed sustainability into their business processes with current data and insights and achieve automated, auditable, and compliant reporting. AI has helped SAP Labs develop sustainability products. Through its Startup Accelerator, SAP Startup Studio the company has opened a new cohort batch for 2023 and will be helping around 10 startups for 12 months. The cohort helps startups with marketing strategies, and SAP Labs customer network and has previously helped startups get funding from VCs like Lightspeed and Sequoia India Surge.

"We help companies scale and we co-innovate with many startups in developing the right products. From SAP Labs they get to learn best go-to-market strategies through our system integrators and they get a co-selling opportunity with SAP Labs," said Justin Paul, Head, of SAP Startup Studio & Product Leadership, SAP Labs India. "The startups are chosen based on pre-sale reports from SAP experts which points out pertinent pain points a customer enterprise is facing and if there is a product that can synergize with SAP and create meaningful changes, we help those startups in their journey," Paul added.

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