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Sustainability an Important Consideration in E-Commerce Purchasing According to New FedEx Research

New research commissioned by FedEx Express, the world's largest express transportation company, shows that small- and medium-enterprises that embraced e-commerce during the COVID pandemic are underestimating the importance consumers now place on sustainability in their purchase decision-making.

Insights from consumers show the reality is very different.

Key Finding: Consumers want both sustainability and speed The accelerated growth of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic occurred as consumer concerns over the environment continued to grow.

For a significant number of consumers, the future of the planet is top of mind, and they do not want to compromise - they want both sustainability and speedy delivery.

Consumers in India placed greater priority on sustainability than those in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, who conversely are more likely to focus on delivery lead time.

The research shows that nine out of ten consumers in India expect SMEs to deliver sustainably and are likely to get more business.

Taking a more sustainable approach to delivery "Sustainability is no longer an optional extra for SMEs interested in expanding their e-commerce businesses. Consumers increasingly see it as an essential and non-negotiable part of their decision-making process," said Kawal Preet, president of Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa at FedEx Express.

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