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Sustainable Architecture & Green Buildings Driving Net-Zero Efforts at RMZ

RMZ Corp, one of Asia's largest privately-owned real estate investment, development and management firms, has embraced and established sustainability as the key agenda to build the 'Future of Space'. RMZ has developed the largest portfolio of assets certified under the LEED Arc platform, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

RMZ's Sustainability Journey RMZ's sustainability journey commenced in 2002, with a focus on building resource-efficient built spaces that are also globally recognized. RMZ achieved its first milestone in 2007, when one of its first projects, RMZ Ecospace in Bengaluru, was awarded the USGBC LEED certification.

Green Walls RMZ's green walls are not only 10% cooler than exposed walls adding that extra comfort and providing lung space but also potentially bringing down electricity bills by almost 20%. Its 17.1 KW of solar power generation capacity is the perfect energy-efficient solution and a balm to the rapid depletion of exhaustible sources of energy. RMZ's expertise in Biophilic design, an evolving concept connecting human desire with nature, takes real estate steps forward towards sustainability. The winner of the 2020 ULI Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence from India, RMZ, powered by sustainability, is all set to make its green mark across markets.

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