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Technical University of Munich: TUM anchors sustainability as guiding vision for its Agenda 2030

The Technical University of Munich has declared sustainability to be an integral guiding vision for its plan of action. President Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann recently presented the TUM Sustainable Futures Strategy 2030 at the first TUM Sustainability Day: "We intend to secure the resilience of our university and shape the sustainable transformation of society with responsibility, talented individuals, scientific excellence and innovative power. We are making TUM a catalyst for the tremendous changes inevitably emerging in our pursuit of sustainable development, taking ecological limitations, economic constancy and social justice into account."

The TUM Garching campus and Munich main campus are home to a large number of research and teaching activities relating to industrial biotechnology, sustainable energy, mobility and infrastructure systems, satellite-guided earth observation and digitalization, all oriented towards the United Nations' Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Above and beyond the spectrum of university teaching and continuing education, TUM conveys competencies in data-based and evidence-based sustainable behaviors. Governance and University CommunityTUM intends to motivate its students and members of the university community to actively participate by strategically anchoring the Sustainability Strategy at the General Management level and by implementing open, participatory decision-making processes.

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