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Tetra Pak's Latest Sustainability Report Highlights New Milestones

Tetra Pak published its Annual Sustainability Report highlighting the company's global achievements and progress in the last year and details the actions to help realise resilient and sustainable food systems.

As the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company Tetra Pak has worked towards reducing the impact of unprecedented disruptions around the global supply chain while leading the sustainability transformation within the industry.

Tetra Pak's 23rd Sustainability Report highlights the company's achievements and ongoing initiatives - to protect food, people and the planet.

"Our ambition is to lead the sustainability transformation within our industry, and this is only possible through concrete actions across our value chain. We believe that it is imperative to leverage strong and system-wide partnerships, as collaboration is key to successfully overcome the challenges we face today. It is also critical to embed sustainability as a key business driver & decision-making criterion and promoting a culture of sustainability in our business and industry. As you will see in our latest sustainability report, we are making strong efforts in these areas," said Ashutosh Manohar, Managing Director - Tetra Pak South Asia.

Tetra Pak is a world leading food processing and packaging solutions company.

The attributed recycled polymers used in Tetra Pak carton packages are certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials, according to principles of attribution.

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