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War to climate change-tech diplomacy can tackle global challenges. India must lead from front

Open cross-border data flow is the lifeblood of the global digital economy. In this scenario, technology has a vital role in helping address climate change. Global technology businesses already have a significant presence in India, with the information technology sector attracting the largest Foreign Direct Investment over the last two decades and becoming a major employment generator in the country. There is still potential for India to grow and develop this sector into a formidable global economic engine by adopting a cross-border data-sharing policy aligned with the policy frameworks of its major digital trade partners. India has an opportunity to lead and showcase its digital credentials and steer the global economy that can leverage technology for good. Whether it is India's Unified Payments Interface, which has enabled financial inclusion for millions of those outside the formal banking system, or the multilayered digital identity, payment and data management system through Aadhaar or its engineering muscle for large global technology companies, India is on the right path. India needs to lead from the front and demonstrate how technology can play a crucial role in overcoming global challenges. The article is part of a series examining the geopolitics of technology, which is the theme of Carnegie India's seventh Global Technology Summit, co-hosted with the Ministry of External Affairs.

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