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What are Indian corporations doing for the environment?

The good news is that the awareness of ESG issues and targeting goals beyond maximizing profits and minimizing risks is now a growing trend among the corporates around the world. How are Indian companies faring on the sustainability front?

While in the last one year companies have improved on their ESG scores, they are low on disclosures, according to the recent Sustainability Yearbook 2022 released by Crisil.

DR. REDDY'S LAB : The pharma giant identified its first set of six ESG goals in 2010 for the following decade.

WHY ESG MATTERS MORE TO BUSINESS THAN BEFORE : "Attention to ESG issues is fast becoming critical to long-term competitive success of businesses nowadays than earlier when it was considered merely a public relations tactic. Says Prasad,"The definition of ESG has evolved over the years. ESG can impact a company's market valuation and is likely to be a critical factor to gauge IPO readiness of the company. "Market forces, investors, and regulatory regimes are increasingly pushing for ESG action.

Access to capital, cost of capital, stock price, IPO valuation, and market cap - all are within the sphere of influence of ESG today and will increasingly be so going forward," says Varghese. ESG investing offers Indian investors the ability to express their ESG preferences in their investments. "Our ESG-first culture is proving to be a big asset for us today. Our proactive approach and ESG risk management has helped us future-proof our business from impending climate and other ESG regulations across markets," says Varghese.

Source : The Entrepreneur

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