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What you need to know about sustainable investing?

The students pursuing studies in fashion and the new generation of designers are the practitioners of sustainable fashion in the future. Sustainable fashion is not just about what material you use or reuse, but also how a garment or product is made, who made it, what resources were used to produce it, and how it was sold, and purchased while considering the impact of its existence on the environment and eventually how it will die or get reused. There is a huge demand for sustainable fashion in the present and moving toward a better future also coined 'slow fashion'.

The future of sustainable fashion is moving towards creating a positive impact on the consumers and youth as they are well aware since the movement 'Who Made My Clothes' was precipitated by the collapse of the Raza Plaza building in Bangladesh. Fresh fashion aspirants are very well versed with the sustainable urgency in the fashion industry and while selecting the institution, they prefer a sustainable driven curriculum. Fashion industry changes in a revised and more sustainable way to not lose the passion and love of fashion for upcoming generations.

The future fashion industry will be completely transformed which is also a need of today and an opportunity to progress. There are new dimensions emerging like circular fashion business models such as rentals, resale, repair, and refurbishment. According to sustainable fashion industry statistics, the market is expected to rise to $9.81 billion in 2025 and $15.17 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 9.1%, due to the growing awareness of ethical fashion. We need to share how sustainable fashion encourages better practices for the industry and promotes longevity of the product, something confronting the fashion world, which thrives on rapidly making new offerings to users.

According to Mckinsey Report 2020, the sustainable fashion statistics, 67% of consumers are now concerned about the harmful effects of their clothing consumption; 60% of the users are initiating efforts to reduce impulsive buying and instead reused and recycle. The future of sustainable fashion is definitely gaining momentum within the institutions, brands, and the youth adapting the sustainable approach at a faster pace, though there is much more implementation and awareness to be spread across our ecosystem.

Source : IndiaToday

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